You're Cancelled!


YouTuber Shane Dawson is always in the news lately, but not for the reasons he wants to be. A video of Shane Dawson joking about the death of black teenager Trayvon Martin has resurfaced, and fellow YouTubers Steve Greene and Nikki Limo have come forward to apologise. Word to the wise: when one of the biggest creators in YouTube history makes a multi-part docuseries chronicling a collaboration with the platform's biggest beauty channel, a staggering number of fans are going to want to buy it.

Various people from all walks of life have been cancelled, some multiple times a year. Dawson recently made a statement announcing his exit from the beauty community. Shane and Lauren interview fellow YouTubers Joey Graceffa and Lohanthony. Fellow makeup YouTuber Gabriel Zamora — who you might remember from the YouTube apology fiasco in summer 2018 known as Dramageddon — weighed in on the situation.

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik have just drama lost my respect🤡 — tina🐷 (@tina🐷) 1592896839.0 Last week, Jenna Marbles—one of the few remaining YouTubers to have consistently uploaded as long as Shane Dawson—posted a video announcing that she was leaving YouTube for an indefinite period, maybe forever, citing specific instances of covert racism in a few of her previous (and since-removed) videos dating back to 2011.

And just on time, here comes the cancel culture train pulling into the station. Shane Dawson began posting on YouTube in 2008 at just nineteen years old, following up with excursions into the music business & filmmaking, and even became an author. Dawson's apology video is currently the third highest trending video on YouTube UK and currently has over 10 million views since being posted on Saturday.

Since then, he has shifted to making documentary mini series about some of YouTube's most controversial stars, including Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Starr (who recently addressed his previous affiliations with Nazi symbols). Some shades initially created by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star did not make the cut.

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